"You'll be experiencing more pain then you've ever experienced before, you dirty slut. I've heard all about your evenings in the shower when you're home alone." The man eventually spoke out, speaking in a husky, sexy voice.
Amy shuddered when hearing that sexy voice. She felt her pussy becoming wet as the man then continued sucking and pulling at her nipple. The man must have noticed this, because he suddenly reached out, and stuck his middle finger of his left hand up her pussy, making Amy gasp in surprise. This turned Amy on even more, and she pushed her body down onto this mystery man's finger, making it go deeper inside of her tunnel. The man, known as Alex, stuck another finger inside. He now had 2 fingers inside of Amy's gorgeous pussy, which was now soaking wet with her sweet juices. Alex moved his fingers in a circling motion, trying to get as much of this beauty's juices on his fingers as possible, then took his fingers out and licked them clean of her juices."Mmm you taste sweet. I'm gonna make my dick take you now." Alex said, once again in his husky voice. He forced Amy to bend over, whilst he unzipped his jeans and took out his rock hard cock. Amy was crying by this time; she wasn't planning on being fucked at so young an age. But she kept seeing that nine inch blade, which was in Alex's BDSM Rape right hand. He rubbed the 9 inch length of his cock, and rubbed the head against Amy's pussy. He felt her squirm, as if to try and get away, so he quickly thrust into her, making her take all of his 9 inches. She screamed BDSM Rape out in pain, as she had just felt her sweet virginity being taken against her own will. Alex ignored her screaming, and carried on thrusting into her, making sure she took all of his cock each time. He pushed as hard as he could, and felt his seed growing in his balls. He was so turned on by this beautiful goddess. He thrust into Amy a few more times and felt himself shoot his load into her sore pussy.
"OHHHHHHHHH GGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!" He had a mind blowing orgasm, and felt he could have loads more. He could fuck this girl all night if he wanted to, which he could. He pulled out of her pussy, which was so sore and dripping wet from his thick 9 inch cock. He grabbed Amy's ass cheeks, and pulled them apart to reveal her sweet looking asshole. He ran his finger over her rosebud, and thought about fucking it and shooting his load up her fine ass. He reached over, and grabbed Amy's shoulders, pushing her ass onto his still hard cock. He pushed it in slowly, forcing about an inch in each time. He didn't care how much pain he caused for BDSM Rape this girl, he just wanted to bdsm fuck her until she was so sore she wouldn't be able to sit down for weeks. After 3 inches were in Amy's tight ass, he pulled on her shoulders hard, his cock forced into her asshole, stretching it tighter than he could imagine. Amy just screamed her lungs out, and she thought she couldn't cry any more. She just wanted to go home; she was so scared. But no matter how much Amy pleaded with Alex, he wouldn't take his cock out of her raping ass.






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