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Michael smiled as he saw his cock rape stories slowly swallowed up by her cunt. His hands gripped her hips, feeling her trying to escape the rape, but unable to do anything but tremble in pain and fear. “Never had anything that big in your raped cunt before, huh, Sara. rape pics Get used to it. My clients like older women as pain sluts. That cunt of yours will have to take many large items, not just cocks. You ever fucked a horse, Sara? Or a dog?” He pushed with his cock, slowly and painfully pushing his cock into her cunt, her forced pussy gripping it tightly as he forced her to accept inch after inch of hard cock. He had over half of it inside her. “Watch Becky, she is about to get her first ass fucking.

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After this they began to pull down her body towards the wooden cock. She resisted but her aching tits didn’t allow for a decent resistance. The unlubricated wooden piece would have torn her apart had she not been already wet. But her ass was still dry. date rape Then she noticed they had already put a condom on the butt plug. They pulled her onto the dildo, but she was too tight. The cock was huge in dia. as well as length. The men were unmerciful. Free rape stories . She groaned photos into her gag rape stories. “Why are you pretending to resist; you cum drinking bitch?” asked Ryan. “You are already wetting yourself in anticipation. You know you will love this. In fact the tip of the wooden cock was already glistening with your pre cum.”forced sex full story


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“Goddamnit, open up your asshole, bitch. Push anal rape back on my cock, like you are trying to shit.” His hand slapped her ass hard again, feeling her body tremble in pain. Rape Story. He gripped her hips and pulled her back onto his cock, pumping it into hardness, ready again. “Open up your asshole, fuck back onto my cock or I will beat you senseless.” He felt her asshole straining, her muscles pushing out, her tiny pucker straining outward, the crown of his cock slowly pushing against her, forcing her pucker in. “That’s it, push out again, obey me, Becky.” He watched her asshole pucker out again, this time the crown of his cock slowly stretching her tiny asshole wider. “Stretch out, stretch out your asshole, bdsm my cock is going in you. stories Push, push harder,” he ordered her, feeling her straining to will her asshole to open to accept the large cock. raped mouth. see it on cream and scream

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”Squeeze my cock with your asshole, stories or it goes in deeper. I will push it in until it comes out your mouth.” He watched, her asshole gripping his cock tighter, a moan of pain coming from her lips as she was forced to tighten up on the cock inside her, the pain increasing. “Again,” watching her cruel asshole stretched over the head, feeling like a giant rubber band wrapped tightly over the head of his cock, trying to suck out the cum in his balls. He could actually see her asshole tighten, her pucker now a gaping hole, stuffed full of man cock. “You’re going to be a good ass fuck, Becky, you sure you haven’t been fucked in the ass before. Just don’t want asian Mommy to know what a slut you are.” He laughed and began to push his cock inside her again. Anal rape. “I lied, Becky, we are going to fuck and you are going to take my cock all the way up your hot and tight raped asshole.” He slapped her ass cheeks hard, feeling her asshole clench on his cock as he painfully pressed it further up her backside. “Yeah, I like that, again,” slapping her raping ass cheeks again, forcing her to tighten on the cock inside her. full rape stories you can find on screamandcream



I felt my balls harden in moments, so I pulled out of her mouth, and saw her reaction of longing to have it back in her mouth. "What, Ruthie, my little slut sister... you want somemore of your brothers cock? Soon, you'll be having more than you can handle!

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I smiled down upon her, and without notice drove my dick straight into her cunt. She roared out in pain, and I picked up the candle and held it above her breasts. She wimpered when little droplets of wax hit her nipples. I replaced the candle and began to fuck my little sister. rape pain. family

I moved in and out, scream and cream enjoying the feeling of her tight snatch holding on to my huge tool that sawed in and out of her, giving her no incest pleasure. After an intense twenty or so minutes of thrusting into her, I felt my balls which had been slapping against her tight raped ass, contract. "Ruthieee... ahhhh." I didn't even finish my statement before my cum spirted into her. Collapsing on top of her, I saw that her eyes were glazed over with boredom and sleep.

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