“OHHH, God, it hurts,” my asshole stinging as I feel the head rape of your hot cock pushing relentlessly against it, slowly forcing it to open. “No more,” but I know that you will not stop until

you cock is inside me. Inside my asshole. That’s not where it belongs. But you continue to force me to take it, making me push out, willing my asshole to open.

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“Oh, no! Stop! Ppppllleeeassse, rape comics take it out, it hurts too much! I squirm around, my hips gyrating from side to side, but I feel you following my movements, the head of your cock still trapped inside my asshole. It feels like you tore me open, the pain shooting up my spine. My asshole spasms, pulsating on your cock. I can feel it trying to push it out. I am unable to control it. It only wants the cock out. “Don’t move, please, it hurts!” I don’t move, gripping the roots, my knuckles white. As long as it doesn’t move, it doesn’t hurt any more.


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I begin to push my cock into you. An inch in, inch out, two inches in, two inches out. Each time more cock fed into your tight asshole. I feel your asshole resisting, trying to push my cock out. I hear your cries of pain, my cock getting harder with each scream of pain. “You can take it baby, you’re my little asshole whore. Now relax that asshole, it will hurt less. comix ” I push in again, my cock reaching new parts of your asshole, sliding along, pushing deeper and deeper with every thrust.

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